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DON (dôn) n- 1. A Mexican gentleman. FULANO (foo-lâ-no) n- 2. Of unknown or undisclosed identity.

Don Fulano Tequila is an agricultural product. The fruit of five generations of agave farmers and a of singular tequila-making heritage which brings together the highlands of Jalisco and the valleys of Tequila. Estate-Grown and bottled, its entirely made from three ingredients: hand-selected mature highland agave, proprietary yeast and natural spring water which filters slowly from Tequila’s volcano.

Completely natural and pure, only three other elements complete our product: Heat, Passion and Time. Lots of time; in the majestic solitude of the iron-rich hillsides where our agaves grow unhurriedly; in the steam filled ovens where the polymers of the fructose molecules slowly become sugar; in open fermentation tanks where carefully, cultivated yeast work its magic; in copper stills where a double distillation concentrates flavor and aroma. And time again, resting in used casks of dark European oak which previously held wines from Jerez, Portugal, Burgundy, Bordeaux, the Loire and the valleys of Napa and Sonoma.

Each batch is finally blended from carefully selected barrels by the master of the cellar and married together for 3 to 6 additional months before being bottled, non-chill filtered and without additives. We hope you enjoy our tequila.